RiNg a LiNkS!

A great baby toy can be oh so simple. Baby links make for great multipurpose baby toys. They have tons of uses from connecting them all to one another to using them to connect your baby’s favorite toy to his stroller. They come in tons of colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples of how I’ve used mine…

Feeding my baby can be difficult, as he is always on the move and hates sitting still. I decided to attach toys to his high chair to give him something to expel that energy on making feeding a little easier and fun!









Babies get bored with the same toys pretty quick so I use the links to attach new toys to my baby’s play gym every two or three weeks. You can get creative and hang anything you think your baby would like from the links!









Another good use is attaching toys to the stroller. This gives baby something to play with and prevents the toys from getting dropped on the ground and lost.










Your baby may even find the textured rings make good teethers!







If not, attach a nice cold teething toy to the links and then attach it to the stroller or carseat. Make sure your links are long enough to where baby can put the teether in his mouth with a little slack.

And there ya have it. Some good uses for baby links. A super cheap toy that comes in packs usually of 10-20 and can be found at Babies”R”Us or Target.